Davao Medical School Foundation Inc- Academics

Davao Medical School Foundation Inc Offers advanced learning Environment for International students. The Philippines Medical college has world class infrastructure with facilities required for medical aspirants to study medicine. Students are trained with the focus on activities Instruction, Research and Extension to gain better knowledge.

Davao Medical School aims in educating medical practitioners with experienced faculties for them gain better knowledge. There are over 300 plus experienced professors handling various subjects. International students are also made to involve in various activities that help gather better medical knowledge.

Modern Classrooms

The classrooms are modernized for students get better understand the concept. The classrooms have projectors and screen where video and PPT can be played. The students are made comfortable by offering Air-conditioned and WIFI enabled classrooms.

There is Team Learning center (TLC) for students to gain better knowledge. The students in Davao Medical College will get advanced techniques and individual learning perspectives.



Davao Medical School Foundation Library is one of most modern Library in Asia. It comprises of rich resources of books for students to refer during their studies. Library has modern e-books and presentations which can be useful to students.


Davao Medical School Foundation Inc Laboratories

Davao Medical School foundation Inc has organized specialty labs for every individual departments. The labs in DMSF are well organized and have most advanced learning equipment for students gain better knowledge in Medicine. Modern responsive type mannequins are in Davao Medical School Foundation Inc laboratories.

Students are provided with cadavers for them to gain better clinical understanding. Most Philippines Medical Colleges provide plastic bodies which is an unhealthy practice in the field of medicine. This stops medical students gaining better understanding of human body.

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