Davao Medical School foundation has very good lab facilities for International students gain better clinical knowledge

Davao Medical College

Medicine is a rather complicated professional activity. Specialists of this profile require not only a large amount of theoretical knowledge but also a sufficient number of practical skills. Davao Medical college Philippines ranking attracts International students rush towards this Philippines college. Davao Medical School foundation remains in 6th position among Philippines Medical colleges and producing remarkable results in academics.

 Although the level of medical education in our country is poorer than in other countries, there is no tendency to improve the quality of medical services. This comes not only for equipping clinics with modern equipment but also for a significant increase in the level of professionalism of workers in this field.

Medicine can rightly be called a very progressive field of scientific and entrepreneurial activity, which is why quite high demands are made on workers in this field. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt that the continuous improvement of the qualifications of doctors and other medical personnel is vital at the current stage of development of this industry.

Davao Medical college is one of the most reputed institutes which was established in 1976 in Mindanao which offers the best medical training and education. This institute is situated in the heart of the Davao city which is easily approachable by everyone and spread over on the 2.5-hectare land. There are so many top medical hospitals which are affiliated with Davao Medical School Foundation such as Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, San Pedro Hospital, Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital etc.

This reputed institute provides the best medical education to international students with best and experienced staff. They teach and assist the students in how to handle the patient and the various treatments in real-time. It has the core value of faith in God, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

DMSF is a great choice for Indian students

Approval of the medical college in India

After completing the study from abroad, you must come back to India, but what you should do if your college is not approved in India. It is very important that your college must be approved by India. Another concern about the study abroad is the language in which the students are going to correspond with the doctors and patients.

Most of the countries teach the students in their native language. This will become a massive communication barrier because local patients communicate in their native language. So, it is necessary for each student to put their mind and energy to learn the native language. And then they will be proficient to pass the exam for further study with clinical practice in hospitals.

It is very important that the medical schools have human bodies where the students of MBBS perform the entire investigation process in real-time. Cadaver is the essential part of any MBBS institute. It is very helpful for medical students and graduates to study the complete human body by following an established order.

This investigation starts with the back and goes through the outside of the chest and abdomen and then the upper and lower extremities and then the cavities are performed. Then the various parts of the thorax are studied to examine the heart and it is followed by the respiratory system, lungs and so on. But there are so many medical institutes who do not have a single cadaver available for students to perform their investigation.

Most medical college in Philippines offer plastic bodies instead of cadavers. The specialty Davao Medical College is they offer real human body whereas medical institutes use plastic bodies and this is a reason that students fail to gain a good understanding of human anatomy. It is very important that every student should definitely understand but many education consultants do not disclose the facts they are familiar with. Davao Medical School Foundation provides this facility to its students.

Clinical Rotation in Davao Medical School Foundation

The most important knowledge is to know the affiliation of the medical college with various hospitals where they can have communication with patients of various categories. If the medical institute don.t have affiliation with the reputed hospitals, the students of that college will not get a chance to meet the sufficient patients and never get the important knowledge in real-time.

Davao Medical School Foundation have an affiliation with the most reputed and top hospitals which help the students to get a real-time experience with patients.

Hostel and food in Davao Medical College

One of the major problems students faces when going abroad to study is the availability of living and food. Davao Medical School Foundation provides the in-campus hostel facilities with Indian warden. The food is also available in Indian cuisines. There are Indian chefs in the hostel mess. The food and living will never be a problem to Indian students whether they want to use seamless connectivity via Wi-Fi or enjoy the non-veg or veg varieties of foods.

Davao Medical college Philippines Ranking

This is the major reason for most Indian students to prefer this Philippines medical college for their medical career. Davao Medical college Philippines ranking remains in 6th position among NMC approved Philippines Medical college. Davao Medical school offers very good platform for students to gain better clinical knowledge and excel in academics.

FMGE Exam in India

Davao Medical School Foundation has highest success ratio in FMGE exam India. Davao Medical College has consistently maintained top ranking students in exam conducted by Medical Council of India. Due to the lack of clinical exposure, students studying at countries such as Russia and China find it extremely difficult to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE). The students who have studied at Davao Medical School Foundation have a high success rate in clearing the exams of FMGE.

Here are some consolidated benefits to choosing the Davao Medical School Foundation:
  • The tuition fee set by the foundation is affordable to every student as compared to other colleges.
  • There are certain schemes available to students for easy payments. You need not to worry about paying the hefty amount in one go.
  • The students can use the Scholarships which can help many students to help to achieve the goal of becoming a doctor more affordably.
  • Davao Medical School is one of the leading and well-established Universities across the Philippines. The level and quality education along with clinical exposure are being provided to all the students.
  • There is no language barrier to the foreign students and all the curriculum being delivered is in the English language. The patients and doctors also communicate in the English barrier.
  • Davao Medical College Philippines Ranking is consistent over past 5 years among top 10 Philippines Medical Colleges.
  • There are lots of Indians studying, teaching and other support staff. So, there you can make lots of Indian friends and take support from other India staff.
  • Davao medical college Philippines fees structure for Indian Students is affordable compared to other Premium Medical colleges offering medical education to Indian Students.

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