Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

Davao medical school foundation Hospital for International students to gain clinical knowledge has over 3000 beds. Davao Medical School is one of the most reputed institutions which provides the best clinical rotation to international students from the best multi-specialty hospitals in Davao city. It has very experienced doctors and staff to assist students and give them the real-time experience to handle the different patients and various treatments and it has the capacity of more than 3000 beds.

The affiliation of the reputed hospitals with the Davao Medical School Foundation for research and teaching encourages staff members to surpass themselves and update their knowledge on an ongoing basis. The institution’s enviable reputation in the healthcare network also helps cultivate this taste for excellence.

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital for International Students to Practice

The Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

The Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital is a multistory building and a tertiary care hospital with a capacity of 100 beds. The compound of DMSF Hospital is spread over 10,000 square meter area. This hospital has 60 private rooms, 2 suite rooms, more than 24 beds for the general wards and there are also many semi-private rooms. This hospital has open-air corridors with a great look of the garden courtyard. The facade is built up with glass curtain to have a panoramic view of the city. This hospital provides a very good environment for the professional staff and the patients to feel life in the hospital. The hospital has advanced facilities providing high quality treatment for people of Davao.



The Southern Philippines Medical Center is one of the most reputed Government hospitals which falls under the Department of Health of the Republic of the Philippines. Southern Philippines Medical Center is situated at the JP Laurel Ave, Bajada, Davao City. The former name of this hospital was Davao Medical Center and the new name was changed on November 19, 2009, by Republic Act 09792. This hospital is now affiliated with the Davao Medical School Foundation.

The Hospital has around 1500 beds offering advanced treatment and surgery in Minando region.

Davao Doctors Hospital in Davao City


Davao Doctors Hospitals is tertiary level and one of the top multi-speciality hospital which is a privately owned hospital situated in the centre of Davao City, Philippines. This hospital was founded in 1969 and become one of the largest and modern hospitals in Mindanao with a capacity of 250 beds. This hospital is undoubtedly the best in every medical speciality which includes cancer, cardiovascular medicine, ophthalmology, neurology, neurosurgery, digestive diseases, liver diseases in the entire region. Davao Doctors Hospital always becomes the first choice for the patients and the medical practitioners for better health services for hospitalization and exclusive health check-ups.

San Pedro Hospital is located in Minando region

San Pedro Hospital

San Pedro Hospital is a well known catholic non-profit organization and non-stock training institution which is committed to caring for the sick and the poor people. This institute also provides education of health professionals and offers the best health care to all. This non-profit hospital is owned and managed by the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity. There is a Board of Trustees which has ten members who governed the San Padro Hospital and this is managed by the Administrators who is the president of the corporation.

Broken Shire Memorial hospital is leading hospital where students from DMSF come for clinical practice.


Brokenshire Memorial Hospital (BMH) is one of the ve famous tertiary specialist hospitals that offer an extensive scope of medical and surgical services in different medicines such as Physical Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, and Rehabilitation. Brokenshire Memorial Hospital is the therapeutic ministry of Brokenshire Integrated Health Ministries, Inc. (BIHMI) and is balanced to fulfil the needs of patients related to their health with a group of devoted and dedicated healthcare professionals and condition of the art investigative and healing kit.

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