Davao Medical School Foundation Philippines is most loved premium college with world class infrastructure for Indian students to study MBBS abroad

Davao Medical School Foundation Inc:

The objective of Davao Medical School Foundation Inc is To train comprehensive general practitioners with the ability to understand, face and handle with effectiveness and a bioethical sense health and disease situations at the individual, family and collective level. The Davao Medical school Foundation is well known for its world class infrastructure and advanced laboratories for international students. This remains the primary reason for Indian students looking to Study MBBS abroad to choose Davao Medical college


  • Provide knowledge and clinical skills in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, which allow the formation of a comprehensive general medicine professional with the ability to understand and solve individual health problems with a biopsychosocial approach.
  • Provide knowledge and skills in public health that allow training a medical professional with the ability to understand and solve collective health problems with a biopsychosocial approach.
  • Provide the means to train a medical professional with reflective and critical thinking in the face of medical knowledge and other disciplines.
  • Develop strategies that allow training a medical professional with a sense of self-training, updated, permanent and creative.
  • Provide knowledge, skills and an appropriate attitude in research to train a skilled medical professional in the search for alternative solutions to the health problems of the individual, the family and the community.
  • Provide means to train medical professionals who can lead and participate in inter and multidisciplinary work teams at the community and professional level.
  • Stimulate in the future doctor respect for the ecosystem and work in a context of sustainable development
  • Develop strategies aimed at training a medical professional whose work focuses on the right to health and human dignity.
  • Provide knowledge and practices to train health educators with the ability to know how to communicate, using educational strategies that contribute to improving the quality of life of individuals, families and communities.


The vision of the Davao Medical School Foundation envisions healthy communities enjoying a quality life.


Every institute has the mission to accomplish. Same is with Davao Medical School Foundation which is enthused by the community orientation of its founders, commits to the following mentioned below:

  • Provide humane and integral health sciences education and services with an emphasis on primary health care in the complementation of instruction, research, patient, community health care and community engagement.
  • Develop and nurture God-centered, competent, compassionate, ethical and socially responsive graduates, faculty, staff and health care providers.
  • Forge strong partnership and networks with consortium members and other stakeholders in the areas of health and community development.
  • Keep at pace with global developments in health sciences education and health care services.

Core Values of Davao Medical School Foundation Inc:

The Core Values of the Davao Medical School Foundation Philippines have been beautifully summed up and consolidated in 4 letters.

FIRE, where F stands for Faith in God, I stands for Integrity, R for respect, E for excellence.

The Goal of Davao Medical School Foundation:

They will possess a scientific-technical training of the highest quality and a solid morality based on principles, the foundation of their ethical behaviour.

Graduates from the Davao Medical School are trained to:

  • Address common health problems of the people in the field of Surgery, Internal Medicine, Gynecology-obstetrics, Pediatrics and Psychiatry.
  • Identify infrequent or complex medical problems, seek specialized help, and use referral criteria.
  • The initial management of non-drivable emergencies.
  • Carry out prevention and health promotion at the individual and community level.
  • Demonstrate an empathetic and deeply respectful attitude towards human life and the special dignity of people.
  • Understand and respect the ethical and deontological principles and discern appropriate behaviours in most medical situations.
  • Continue their continuous self-training in the postgraduate degree, and with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve it.
  • They must have developed skills to function effectively independently, with a scientific attitude and the capacity for independent study, which will enable their continuous improvement.
  • These characteristics will allow it to adapt its performance to the various realities of a developing country like ours, allowing it to overcome the limitations of the environment and become a leader in the process of changes in its field of action.

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