Davao Medical school foundation hostel facilities for International students

Davao Medical School Foundation Hostel

Davao Medical School Foundation gives you the in-campus hostel facilities. As you know one of the prime reason for the students to go for a hostel is the Safety concern.

Generally, If you do not live in an expensive apartment That will come with a high-security system, you will be in a secure apartment with just one key. (Or maybe there is a door to the building too, just one floor)

Davao Medical school foundation hostel understands these safety concerns and provides the In-campus hostel facility. There is an emergency telephone installed around the campus. For use in reporting the accident as well along with the installed surveillance cameras throughout the hostel and campus.

Facilities in Davao Medical College Hostel

Davao Medical School Foundation offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls . The hostel has excellent safety for girls and boys with 24X7 CCTV surveillance. The warden of the college is Indian who can better understand the needs and problems of the Indian students. It is one of the prominent and vital reasons why the hostel is the first choice for Indian students when it comes to the living during Study at Davao Medical School.

One of the greatest things about staying in a hostel is the presence of cleaning services. You will always find the regularly cleaned washrooms. They are not just cleaning up the dirty work for you but staff will litter, fill up soap and toilet paper, clean the bathroom. 

The availability of RO water helps to keep everyone stays healthy and avoid any kind of odour, smell and water bourn disease. The WiFI facilities keep all the students connected globally and to keep everyone connected to the internet so that they can make good use of the internet for researches, study etc.

The study part is not just limited to cloud space only but there is a separate study area available to study for the students. They can manage their time to spend some time alone in the study room very peacefully.

As far as, Security is concerned, the security team available throughout the campus maintains the security for all the students.


Whenever the students go out of India to study, Food is something which is a great problem for them. Some countries do not have veg food availability and do not have the options. The hostels of Davao Medical college hostel have both the options of veg and non-vegetarian from the Indian cuisines. There are Indian Chefs especially for Indians who cook delicious meals for all students. The students can definitely enjoy the hygienic food along with a finger-licking taste.

Davao Medical College Hostel life is part of the complete university experience and allow them to meet, chat and play freely. So then you will be able to play volleyball. Or play a late-night restaurant rally game together comfortably You’ll also have the opportunity to meet or get to know a wider variety of people. Including the types of people, you’ve never talked to before. But at least it will become just a joke or a joke to share with each other.

Indian students can be assured with peaceful environment in Davao Medical School Foundation hostel to have a comfortable stay. The Davao City is referred as one of the safest city among the world for students to have a peaceful stay during their education.

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