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Study MBBS in Philippines from Davao Medical School foundation most trusted medical college by International Students

Davao Medical School Foundation Philippines

Davao Medical School Foundation is the first medical college on Mindanao Island that has been founded in Davao City in 1976. This college is preferred by the students as the top-class facilities to study medicine in this Philippines Medical college. Students choose Davao Medical School Foundation to pursue MBBS degree where they get gain excellent clinical knowledge.

International students in this medical college get excellent clinical knowledge by doing their clerkship in affiliated hospitals of DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION.  The major hospitals associated with DMSF are San Pedro hospital, Broken shire memorial hospital, and Davao medical center which is now known as Southern Philippines Medical Centre. College serves ‘Comfort, Quality Health Care, and best Service to the People’.

DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION has the main aim is to provide quality medical education and training so that the medicinal solutions may grow in both the rural and urban parts of the country.


Davao Medical School Foundation Inc

Davao Medical School Foundation Inc is situated in Davao city which is one among top 3 major cities in the Philippines. It is considered as one of the chief city of Mindanao. Davao claims to have the largest land area among other cities in Philippines. It has well organized transport facility having International airport and Seaport for better connectivity. The city of Davao is located in the Southern part of the Philippines which is among the busiest cargo hub of the country. Davao is the multicultural rich city which is having global accessibility.


Davao Medical School Foundation – Overview

Total MBBS Seats:600
Tuition Fees:Rs 3,50,000 approximate per year.
Living Expenses:Rs 16,000 – Rs 20,000 approximate per month.
AccommodationSeparate Hostel for Boys and Girls. In campus Hostel facilities with 24×7 CCTV Surveillance and security
Food:Canteen with Indian Food all three times a Day
Medium of Instruction:English
Duration Of Study:5 Years and 8 Months
Institution Type:Private
Academic year starts:August / September
Affiliated To:Davao Medical College Foundation Hospital
Recognition and Listing:Medical Council of India(MCI),
World Health Organization(WHO),
Commission on Higher Education(CHED),
United States Medical License Examination(USMLE),
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research(FAIMER).
Affiliated Hospital:Davao Doctor’s Hospital – The DDH is the largest and ultra-modern hospital located in Mindanao. The hospital is specialized and well known for treatment of cardiovascular medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, cancer, ophthalmology, and digestive and liver diseases. The Hospital has an capacity of 300 beds where people choose this hospital for complicated treatments and surgery. San Pedro Hospital – The SPH is a non-profit training medical institute in the region. It is owned and managed by Dominican Sisters of the Trinity. Southern Philippines Medical Center is a Government hospital in the southern Philippines. International students visit this hospital during  It is situated in the bajada, Davao city. Broken Shire Memorial Hospital – This is one the largest tertiary specialized hospital in the Philippines. It is famous for diagnostic and therapeutic.
Other Names:Davao Medical School Foundation, Davao Medical School, Davao Medical College, DMSF
DMSF Address:Davao Medical School Foundation, Bajada, Poblacion District, Davao City, Philippines.
Davao City attraction

About Davao City

Davao City is the center of Metro Davao, the third-most popular metropolitan city in the Philippines. The city serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao, and the regional center of Davao Region. Davao city is a well-developed and modern city of the Philippines and also a good place of living. It is situated at the southeastern part of the Mindanao Island so it also called southern Mindanao.

Davao city lies at the mouth of the Davao River near the head of Davao Gulf. Here the ports handle interisland passenger traffic and trade of copra, corn (maize), and rice. Because this is an international port, so the City ships huge quantities of abaca, which is a natural fibre and also the main product grown in the adjacent agricultural hinterland.



The major reasons to consider DMSF

  • The Philippines Medical college has 6th position for providing the best medical service in the Philippines country.
  • 6 major hospitals are nearly associated with the DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION
  • MCI and WHO Approved medical Philippines Medical College.
  • English medium of study has been preferred here, which is an international language
  • Better connectivity with the reputed medical institutions
  • Worldwide Secure college to study MBBS
  • The innovative and research-based learning methodology
  • Here medical syllabus is based on US patterns
  • The tourism department declares Davao city the best living city in the Philippines
  • Indian scholars are available in the majority of the college
  • More focused to increase the practical activities for the students

Study MBBS in Abroad

The Davao Medical School Foundation Inc provides all the students of the college, an MBBS degree of 5 year and 8 months program. In the Philippines, a medical degree has been planned for 6 years. MBBS in Philippines can be classified into 3 segments of education. 1 year and 8 months of BS ie., pre medical program. 4 years of MD program. During the last semester of MD program students will have clinical rotation in tie up hospitals.

Find eligibility criteria and steps of admission

Student after passing 12 standard or equivalent may apply for admission in this college. A competitive exam needs to qualify. Minimum age needs to attain 18 years on or before the last day of the admission year. Below find the eligibility standards and steps for admission.

Eligibility Criteria

NEET exam is the basic eligibility to be qualified by the Indian students, which is organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Students need to qualify the 12th standard Need to secure minimum 50% marks in subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology, or similar courses 18 years age need to achieved ST/SC candidate requires a minimum of 60% Reserved category –50% in PCB.


Davao Medical College – Admission Process

  • First, the student needs to submit the application to the committee chairmen of the university with the help of a consultant
  • If the application is granted by the university, An orientation activity is conducted for students with their parents/guardian
  • Then interview for the student will be organized by the scholarship committee
  • If the students are passed, they have to sign the contract of the scholarship
  • Now your consultant will reach you for the arrangement of VISA

Students need to apply for the VISA with the guidelines suggested by their consultant

On successful visa processing student need to pay the initial visa fee to their consultant and the balance of the amount will be paid after arriving at the college

Now your consultant will make an air ticket and required arrangement for you to reach the Davao Medical School Foundation

The paper documents required by the applicants during the admission:

  • Academic documents of 10 std, 11 std. and 12 std.
  • Birth certificate in English for the age proof
  • NEET Admit card and NEET Score card
  • Passport by the government
  • 4 passport photographs
  • Paid receipt of visa fee payment
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued from passport office
  • Affidavit of Financial support and no objection from parents in stamp paper
  • Passport size Photograph 12 nos (White background)
  • Parents Pan card and Aadhar card
  • 6 months bank statement with closing balance of 4 lakhs ( Bank manager seal and signature is mandatory )
  • Medical test reports from NABH Hospitals.
    1. Chest X-ray
    2. Hepatitis-B (HBS-AG)
    3. Total Blood Examination Study
    4. Urine test
    5. Stool test
    6. HIV test
    7. VDRL test
    8. Covid test

The above documents are required to be attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines.

Fees required for the course

Here we are providing the approx. tuition fee that will be payable in DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION and this may change and depend on the latest currency rate.

Davao Medical School Foundation Fees Structure

BS Biology (1 year and 8 Months)11,500 USD8,50,000 INR
MD 1st year5,100 USD3,50,000 INR
MD 2nd Year5,100 USD3,50,000 INR
MD 3rd Year5,100 USD3,50,000 INR
MD 4th Year5,100 USD3,50,000 INR
Total31,900 USD22,50,000 INR


MD Program in DMSF

  • The Routine of Schooling in the Philippines is Mostly based from the U.S..
  • The exact same is true for medical also. In India we connect the expression M.D to denote a post graduate level but in the majority of nations in the entire world the M.D is employed to denote that the bachelor’s level.
  • Philippines is among those few states which up until recently didn’t have a 10+2 design of syllabus. Instead students have to finish almost any Bachelor of Sciences degree after completion of the 10th, and then that the pupils could combine the four year MD program.
  • Considering the pupils from different nations have already completed two decades of schooling after their 10th, the pupils are simply required to complete a shortened B.Sc curriculum that has a length of 1.8 years and they could combine the M.D program that has a length of 4 years. Effectively meaning the length of the course is going to be for 5.8 decades. After the conclusion of this course the pupils will need to return to India to get a sampling exam (now called FMGE, but will be shortly known as the N.E.X.T) that is compulsory for all pupils weather that they research in India or overseas. After conclusion of the examination the students will need to combine into any hospital in India for conclusion of the Internship. It’s also PAASCU licensed and contains tie-ups with different reputed Universities throughout the world.
  • The M.D syllabus varies slightly from the MBBS routine as it depends more on sensible exposure for those students during their last years of research. This incorporated with that Philippines provides extensive opportunities for hands on instruction from the last years of research, also DMSF has among the biggest bed advantages clinical vulnerability in the nation due to being among only 2 medical schools in Davao, produces a really distinctive study environment for those pupils that’s really unmatched.

Reasons to Choose Davao Medical College:

  • Affordable Tuition Fee: As one of the big concern between the students is the high Tuition fees being demanded by the students in lieu of the studying MBBS Abroad. Davao Medical College Philippines Fees for International Students is affordable compared to top ranking medical colleges abroad.
  • Easy Payment Schemes: There is an option for the students to enroll along with a flexible and easy payments scheme.
  • Scholarship Available: The students can even be eligible to get them enrolled with the available program of scholarship.
  • Well-established University: It is one of the prime established universities. This is what every student want before getting admission in any university. Davao Medical School is one of the most reputed universities in the Philippines.
  • No Language Barrier: This is something, that most of the foreign students face, the language barrier is a no problem as the whole of the curriculum is in the English language.  So, a student can learn effectively and efficiently.
  • Healthy Environment: The environment is wonderful and healthy and one only need to focus on their study and clinical practice.
  • Lots of Indian students: There is no worry for the Indian students as you would get lots of Indian mates there. There are Indian food facilities along with Indian warden in the Hostel. So, there is no worry about living and study there.


Davao Medical School Foundation Accreditation

NMC (National Medical Commission) recognition is among the most significant things in selecting a medical faculty to study MBBS overseas. Davao Medical School Foundation is known as MCI. That’s the reason why, 1000s of Indian medical aspirants decide to study MBBS at Philippines in Davao medical college each year!

Indian medical aspirants who graduate from Davao Medical School Foundation have played greatly with maximum pass percentage in NMC screening evaluation for medical clinic accreditation. Davao medical school students also have scored many top-ranks from the MCI screening evaluation. Quite simply, the MBBS level given by Davao Medical College is legal in any region of the planet. Thus, this opens up career opportunities for Indian pupils in overseas, with quite high-salary bundles!

Clearing USMLE examinations and doing post graduate in USA is the simplest path for a high-paying livelihood and green card at USA. Davao medical school paves a simple method for Indian students who intend to repay USA!

Accreditation by those global medical organizations guarantees that pupils from Davao Medical College can easily transition to study or work further in USA, UK, Europe and other nations of the planet.


In the Philippines country, DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION has become prominent as the best and modern medical institute. This college has good lecture halls, a presentation hall, labs, air-conditioned conference rooms, canteen facilities, and quality hospitals.

On the college campus, 10000 square meters area is covered by the hospitals only. Fully furnished lecture rooms, audiovisual aids seats, and also the AC facility is provided. Here E-class room facility is provided to the students. College labs are provided with the latest gadgets which are serviced by expert technicians.


Davao Medical School Foundation – Advanced Facilities

Davao Medical School foundation library with good number of books for international students

The college has provided two libraries in the medical college premises. The main library and secondary library. The Davao Medical School foundation library is called DMSF Knowledge Resource Centre. The library is also referred as one of the most modern library in Asia.

The main library of the college is founded in the administrative building and the second library is situated in the nursing department of the college. Here you may find more than 50000 medicinal materials. An E-library facility is provided that will give you access to international journals which are very helpful to both students and researchers to obtain knowledge. The libraries of the college are open from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm.  Timings for the libraries are increased during exam time as the student’s demands the same. International students are offered library access to get the books required for their medical reference.

DMSF has also increased all safety precautions for students to enter library following all safety measures against Covid-19 pandemic. Students are allowed to enter the library with proper facemask and maintaining social distance between students.

Davao Medical College – Hostel Facilities

College provides the hostel’s facility to college students separately to the girls and boys. These hostels are taken care of by the male or female wardens. The male warden will take care of the boys’ hostel and the female warden will be responsible for the safety of the girls’ hostel. Rooms are fully furnished and provided the study furniture, cupboards, and also bathrooms are attached to the room. Here the aspirants have the choice to decide the AC or Non AC room with bed quantity choice.

The hostel dining room and guest rooms are available with a separate mess. Davao Medical School Foundation Hostel is deployed with Indian warden to take care of students and their needs. Strict curfew times are available for students to make sure they remain in hostel before the time.

Living cost at Mindanao (Excluding hostel cost)

The costs of living in Davao city are given below:

  • Living expenses- 15,000 to 20,000 INR per month
  • Accommodation- 6,000 to 12,000 INR per month
  • Food- 5,000 to 10,000 INR
  • If taken Philippines Peso 1.40* INR


Sports Activities

The Davao Medical School Foundation Inc has provided sports activities to all the students which help to motivate them. The Indoor/outdoor field and gyms have proper space which will comfort all the students.

Volleyball, basketball, Table Tennis, Carrom, etc. games facility has been provided to the students of the DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION.


Davao Medical School Foundation Inc – Hospital tie ups

DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION hospital has integrated with the Davao Medical College. The hospital has equipped with multi-specialty facilities for the medicinal and surgery department. The foundation hospital provides 100 beds and a personal room facility of 60. It is a four-story building. It’s glassy outdoor that enables to view the beauty of the city which creates attraction inside the hospital.

Here excellent clinical teaching along with the training and practice are provided to the students.

Below get the list of some affiliated hospitals to the Davao Medical School foundation Inc-

  • Broken shire Hospital
  • Davao Doctors Hospital- It is the largest hospital facility on Mindanao island
  • San Pedro Hospital- It is known for the training institute in the region
  • Davao medical centre- It is a government-owned hospital in the country. It is now known as the Southern Philippines Medical Centre (SPMC)

Famous places nearby the Davao city: Manila Bora cay Cebu City Bohol Banaue Vigan


Highlights of Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical College Philippines is the first medical college in all over Philippines to implement special advanced learning environment. As per recommendations of WHO and WDOMS DMSF implements advanced equipment’s for students gain better learning exposure.

Davao Medical School Foundation campus ranks at the leading 6 medical schools in Philippines, due to our massive investment in campus infrastructure! Located in the lovely Davao City, Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation campus includes all of the amenities that a medical student needs to get a comfy, concentrated learning experience. Countless students are pursuing MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation campus, with over 150+ specialist faculty members.

Davao medical school campus includes All of the ultra-modern facilities such as

  • Smart classrooms,
  • Simulation Labs,
  • 3D Anatomy dissection center,
  • 24/7 modern library, 
  • Sports facilities,
  • Conference halls

In summary, we could say there’s not any compromise in Davao Medical School Foundation campus centers! These campus centers in Davao medical school campus makes it among the most popular medical school in Philippines and in all South Asia!

Indian pupils are lucky to have this chance to study MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation at this minimal cost arrangement! Over 6000 Indian pupils have researched at Davao medical school campus.

Simulation Mannequins Stations

Davao Medical School is first Philippines medical college to implement Simulation mannequins station for betterment of learning and teaching. The efficiency of treatment has proven in avoiding mistakes during treatment. The major motive is to reduce error during reduce error during surgery, prescription, crisis intervention, understand anatomy, physiology and communication.

3D Anatomage and Cadavers in Lab

3D anatomage is an advanced learning equipment for medical students available in Davao Medical College. Students can have better understanding of human anatomy using this equipment to improvise their clinical learning. Learning using Anatomage table has proven to be most effective. Medical students can have a clear visual of human body what they find while dissecting a cadaver. A microscopic visualization of individual parts helps students get clear visual of the human anatomy.

Apart from this DMSF also has over 50 cadavers for students to get real time knowledge of human body. Every year new cadavers are added in laboratory for students gain better learning experience.

Virtual Reality Anatomy

This is an advanced equipment available in Davao Medical School for students gain better about human nerves, tissues, bone and muscle. This visual learning helps students gain experimental learning. This helps students get a visual and 3d learning of human parts in all possible ways that stick in mind. The internal structure of human bodies can be visualized in all possible angles to  read and listen to anatomical terminologies.


FMGE Exam & Davao Medical College Students

It’s a compulsory test that every medical students will need to clear to be able to be enrolled under the Medical Council of India or any State Medical Councils. For this day, the entire passing percentage of Foreign Medical Graduates in this evaluation remains to be somewhat low and has been a cause for much concern for students seeking to pursue Medicine Abroad.

That is the area where Davao Medical college Philippines can set itself apart and can demonstrate the standard of its education. The success ration of MCI pass percentage of medical students from Davao Medical school foundation averages with 85% which remains top among any other foreign medical colleges accepting Indian students. The pupils also have always been one of the best marks in the exam together with DMSF pupils holding the no.1 position at the MCI Screening evaluation on multiple events.

The latest batch in Davao Medical College scored performed tremendously once more at the MCI Screening Test (2020) together with all the pupils amassing an overall pass percentage of 86 percent. Four pupils of DMSF had the distinction of being one of the top 10 total marks in India.

To further the high pass proportion of our pupils, Transworld also conducts specific training classes for our pupils with the distinguished school specialized in FMGE Preparation. The Pune Campus provides a conducive, apt setting and amenities for your FMGE pupils to concentrate on their essential preparations for your screening evaluation with no extra burdens.

Reach – Davao Medical College

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian archipelago country. Davao is a famous city on Mindanao Island. DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION College is approx. nine KM away from the Davao City airport which is known as the Davao International Airport. You may get the easy availability of local transport from the Davao airport to the city as well as the college campus.

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