What are the factors that attract Indian students to study MBBS in the Philippines ahead of other countries?

MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

Many young people face many difficulties and anxiety with their first decisions which may change their lives. It may distress given the value of the choice. On the other side, some people face this decision-making moment with immense inspiration. When it comes in the field of medical career most students find MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is better compared to other options.

Authorization of the medical college in India

As an Indian, you always want to come back to your country after completing your studies from abroad, but there may be a problem if you come to know that your college is not authorized or approved in India. What should you do then? So, it is very important to know the authorized colleges. Your college must be authorized from India. Davao Medical School Foundation is an authorized college from India.

The other main consent of every student is the language of instructions and the language in which the MBBS students have to talk to the patients and the doctors. Many countries such as Ukraine, Russia, China teach students in their national or local language. Even the patients also communicate in their local language and this the very big reason to create a large communication gap. The students should give extra time and effort to learn the local language first. Only after that, they will be capable of passing the exam for other proceedings along with clinical practice in allied hospitals. The teaching language of Davao Medical School Foundation is English which is compatible with students of every country.

Availability of Cadaver

The availability of cadavers (human bodies) is very necessary to carry out the detailed investigation process in real settings for the students of medical schools to study MBBS abroad. Graduates and Medical students study the cadaver thoroughly with an established order i.e. start with the back, then followed by the chest and abdomen, and then the upper and lower extremities should be examined and at last, cavities are entered. To see the heart, students should study the parts of the thorax, and then the respiratory system and lungs should be examined.

But many medical colleges do not have a single cadaver on which their students can do their investigation. These medical colleges use artificial plastic human bodies instead of a real human body and the students never get a good understanding of human structure. Davao Medical School Foundation provides a cadaver to their students for a thorough study of human structure.

Clinical rotation and hospitals

You must know the authorization and affiliation of the medical college with assured hospitals where they can treat various patients with different diseases. If the medical college does not have appropriate affiliations with the hospitals, then the medical students do not get an opportunity to meet the patients in real-time and will not be able to attain the essential knowledge. Davao Medical School Foundation has many top allied hospitals where medical students can practice their profession in real-time. This is the big reason that Indian students choose DMSF for medical study.

Food and Hostel facility

If you are planning to study MBBS abroad, your main concern is good quality food and affordable living space. The thing is not just about a living space but you must get your favorite food and most important Indian cuisine.

There are many countries like China, Ukraine, Russia that do not provide a hostel and food facility to their international students. Food is the most important thing which is the topic of concern for the students of each country. But the students don’t get their favorite food.  Some countries provide hostel facility but they don’t serve Indian food to the Indian students.

They are forced to eat whatever is served in the hostel mess and then most of the Indian students cook their food by themselves.  But if you choose to study MBBS in the Philippines, you can get a hostel and food facility of good quality. They serve Indian cuisine to the students from India. This also remains as an consideration for students prefer MBBS in Philippines for Indian students.

FMGE exam in India

The medical students who studied their MBBS in countries like China and Russia do not clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) in India because of lacking clinical exposure.

When we compare the medical students, who study MBBS in the Philippines to others, the medical graduates of the Philippines have a high success rate in passing the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) in India.

Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines is one of the best choices for Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad. The FMGE results over years have proven MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is better compared to other countries.

Davao Medical college – MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students

Davao Medical School Foundation is an educational institution that was established in 1976 in Davao City, Philippines. Davao Medical School Foundation is the oldest medical college in Mindanao. Davao is one of the urbanized cities of the Philippines and this city is developing very fast. The medical college has various activities where instruction, extension, and research are the main conduct to achieve. Davao Medical college Philippines is one of the best colleges for study MBBS abroad which offers many courses such as MCH, MHPED, MPD, and other courses of medicine, nursing, biology, etc.

Davao Medical college Philippines has attracted and produced highest success ratio in FMGE results. This has made an un written law that mbbs in Philippines for Indian students is best choice when planning to study MBBS abroad.

Why Choose Davao Medical College to study MBBS abroad

  • DMSF obtain the sixth rank for the best education in the Philippines.
  • It has 5 hospitals are allied with DMSF.
  • The professors teaching medium is English.
  • All teaching methods are based on research.
  • More than 500 Indian students enrolled in Davao Medical School Foundation.
  • The Department of Tourism awarded Davao city with the award of “Best of livable cities in the Philippines”.
  • This college follows a US-based medical curriculum.

MBBS in Philippines curriculum

  • Davao Medical School Foundation offers an MBBS Course for 5.8 years.
  • There is a pre-medical course in the first 1.8 years which includes physiology, plant-morpho anatomy, biochemistry, animal physiology, radiation biology, entomology, general microbiology, and immunology.
  • Another 4 years have an MD course which offers gross anatomy, primary health care, epidemiology, histology, paediatrics, neuroscience, biostatistics, surgery, community medicine, radiology, dermatology, and Gynaecology.

These courses you may join in Philippines without even a second thought.

Davao Medical college Philippines ranking claims top positions with highest FMGE success rate

Davao Medical School Foundation was established in 1976 and it has become the first medical college of Mindanao city in the Philippines. The Davao Medical College Philippines ranking attracts most Indian students get admission from this Philippines medical college The students who want to do MBBS; DMSF is the best choice for them because Davao Medical School Foundation is allied with various reputed hospitals such as Southern Philippines Medical Centre, San Pedro hospital, and Broken Shire Memorial Hospital. This college student gets their clinical training at these hospitals. The admissions have started in Davao Medical School Foundation in June and the last date of application submission will be mid of July.

Davao Medical college Ranking

The percentage of test passing in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination of Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines is very high between the academic year of 2012-13 and 2016-17. There were approx. 970 students who appeared in the FMGE which is measured as higher than other countries such as Russia, Belize, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, China, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Nepal.

Davao Medical School Foundation attain top ranking with the highest passing rate in FMGE. In 2019, 6 students got a position in the top 10 from Davao Medical School Foundation. In 2020, again 6 students from DMSF get their position in the top 10. This shows the outstanding and extraordinary quality of education at Davao Medical School Foundation.

The medical students of Davao Medical School Foundation always achieve top positions in Foreign Medical Graduates Examination as compared to the students who pursue their MBBS course in Russia, Belize, Armenia, Ukraine, etc.

Davao is considered the main city of Mindanao and it is a very important city in the Philippines. There are an international airport and seaport and this is the reason that it has accessibility to the entire world. Davao is the attraction point for many foreign students because of its multicultural character. This city has a very exceptional geographical location, firm peace and order, advanced infrastructure, and good socio-economic wealth.

Davao Medical college has attained 6th rank among all the medical colleges in the Philippines. Students consider to study here as they find Davao Medical college Philippines ranking to be best compared to other colleges.

Why choose Davao Medical School college to study MBBS?

  • This university is a recognized medical college with MCI, WHO and CHED .
  • The medium of teaching is English in Davao Medical School Foundation which is compatible with foreign students.
  • This college has a great connection with the top medical universities worldwide.
  • It is a safe place to pursue MBBS studies.
  • This university uses a problem-based learning methodology.
  • The main motive of this college is to develop the practical skills of the students.
  • DMSF offers human and integral health science education and focuses on primary health care and followed by instructions, community health care, patients, and community engagement.

Davao Medical College Philippines Ranking and Highlights

  • Davao Medical College fees is 5100 USD per year
  • The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Davao Medical College world ranking holds remarkable position in world ranking.
  • The Davao Medical College ranking in Philippines is 6
  • The DMSF is MCI and WHO approved university
  • This degree offered is doctor of medicine

MBBS course duration in Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation offers MBBS courses with a duration of 5 years 8 months to the international students. 1 year and 8 months of course duration is for BS (pre-medicine) and 4 year MD course.

Eligibility Criteria for admission

If anyone wants to get admission for the MBBS course in DMSF, the Philippines should complete some eligibility criteria:

  • The student should complete the age of 18 years
  • The student should pass the 12th class
  • A minimum of 60% is required for SC/ST students
  • Minimum of 50% in PCB for reserved category
  • The student should pass the NEET examination

Davao Medical College Philippines Admissions

These steps should be followed to take admission in Davao Medical College, Philippines for MBBS Course:

  • Every International students who wish to secure admission from Davao Medical college must be aware of its eligibility criteria. Eligible students will be validated ad provided admission in Davao Medical School foundation to study medicine.
  • Second, an orientation program is conducted by the college for the students and their parents.
  • Then, the scholarship committee interviews the applicants.
  • After the selection for admission in DMSF, Philippines, the students should sign the scholarship contract of the medical college.

Documents required for admission

The students must carry these documents for the admission process:

  • Passing Certificate of 11th and 12th from the recognized board
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • NEET examination certificate
  • Four passport size photographs
  • Medical fitness document
  • Payment receipt for visa fee
  • Payment receipt of 1st-year tuition fees

Course offered at Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS)
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
  • Master in participatory development (MPD)
  • Master in health professionals education (MHPED)
  • Master in community health (MCH)

Hostel, food, and accommodation

Davao Medical School Foundation hostel and mess facility are available within campus premises for students:

  • The hostel offers very comfort to all the medical students who come from various countries to pursue their MBBS course.
  • It provides a very affordable hostel facility with fully furnished rooms for students
  • This college provides every necessary amenity such as Wi-Fi, TV, telephone and 24 hours electricity and water facility.
  • Hostels should be on a sharing basis such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • The college provides good security to the students
  • There is reading rooms and gymnasiums in the hostel
  • The Indian students get different hostels where they can get Indian cuisines made by Indian cooks.

Davao Medical School Foundation is the perfect place to study MBBS course because of its unique features and facilities provided to their students. Indian students can choose this college to avail the benefits of advanced infrastructure, experienced instructors and it is then the most important feature that DMSF provides real-time experience with patients with various top affiliated hospitals.