The Hunt for best Philippines MBBS College ends in Davao Medical College

Philippines MBBS College

There are many good medical colleges and universities in the Philippines that are recognized by NMC and many Indian students follow their MBBS course from there. Most students look for Philippines MBBS College as they find Philippines Medical colleges offer high quality education at affordable cost.

Preference should be given to admission to Government Medical Universities, as these Universities have Professors and Professors with a lot of experience, infrastructure and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment available. This is the first filter that every student always applies and must apply as there are lots of benefits in that case.

In addition, the government hospitals attached to the Government University have an endless number of patients visiting them and therefore a student studying at a Government University gets a higher clinical exposure, which is extremely essential. There may be a point of good infrastructure provided by the private universities but that is not all and institutes like Davao Medical School foundation also provides a very good infrastructure.

It is best not to be good at infrastructure or needy for the modern world where one thing should be identified first, the university should provide quality education for the medical field and also that university must be accredited by WHO, which is truly effective when students complete their course. It is the best time to plan correctly before moving in with your own decision. Because some universities first in case students believe that such university is recognized later at the end of the course, students are putting themselves at risk as their effort is worthless. 

The student who completes his course will return to other states to carry out his clinical practice there at that time, it is a proof for the student that he has completed a medical course at the corresponding university if it is not possible that his clinical practice will not be accepted. Take the opportunity to make the right decision to choose Best Medical College in the Philippines.

Davao Medical College is most preferred medical college among Indian medical aspirants over past 10 years. There are several reasons supporting this statement for students choosing this Philippines MBBS College.

Top Reasons to Choose Philippines MBBS College

  • First of all, you don’t need to learn any new languages. The official language in the Philippines is English. This means you don’t have to waste time learning a new language and do what you did: study medicine.
  • Second, the climate is similar in both countries. There is no cold season in the Philippines. The average temperature is approximately 26 ° C. Since the climate is very similar, the student would not have to adapt to a new environment.
    A similar climate means that the disease pattern is also the same. They will teach you similar diseases that occur in India.
  • The duration of the course is 5 years. In some universities, the duration of the course can be longer, up to 6 years. This is due to the BS-MD education pattern.
  • Passed the FMGE or MCI screening test: The percentage of Philippine students between 2012-14 was higher than most other countries at 24.6%.
  • The quality of education is high in the Philippines. MCI’s high pass rate is proof that the studies are of excellent quality. The study pattern followed in the Philippines is the US Pattern.

Students have the opportunity to do their Post-Graduation from the United States after completing MBBS from the Philippines. Students who want to study in the United States go

  • to the Philippines. After completing PG or US residency, students are not required to take the MCI screening exam.

Considering the Philippines, I would like to suggest the Davao Medical School Foundation. This university is located in the city of Davao, the third-largest city in the island nation.

Top features of Davao Medical College Philippines

  • The university has a great infrastructure and has a highly developed laboratory that helps its students understand the concept.
  • There is a world-class 3D simulation lab that is built first at Davao medical college.
  • There is no initial donation for Indian students to apply for medical courses at Davao Medical College Philippines.
  • The highly digitized modern library with separate study rooms is available to DMSF students.
  • Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with multi-kitchen clutter available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • Accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as the best university.

Before making a decision, you should also endeavour to find and talk to University alumni, that is, Indian students who have successfully graduated and are working in India as doctors after passing the MCI screening test.

Without erasing the MCI screening test, your degree has no value in India and you cannot practice until you erase it. It is very important that the selected college/university has a good track record on the MCI screening test.

In my opinion, characteristics such as the well-maintained high-quality staff of the laboratory for education will make the university better. Furthermore, DMSF University has excellent results in its 2015-16 academic year. Students from foreign countries prefer this university because of its attractive facilities.

The best medical school abroad for Indian students to study MBBS below 5 lakhs per year in Davao Medical college.

Davao City is one of the safest cities to live in the Philippines according to people living in the state. For DMSF Medical College admissions, please contact Neolife Education, the Principal Associate of Davao Medical College.

Indian students mostly prefer overseas universities for medical education instead of spending lakhs of money in private medical colleges in India.
Choosing abroad will cost you too, but considerably less than continuing education in India.
Today, students began to choose the Philippines as their destination for medical education over China and Russia, which was once regarded as the home of Indian students for medical courses.

Most Indian Students would prefer Davao Medical School Foundation Inc, which is actively producing higher-quality physicians for the past two decades. Additionally, Davao students have the highest passing rate on Screening tests conducted by National Medical commission.

Advisory for Indian Medical Aspirants to study MBBS

Why study MBBS?

Medicine is a very traditional career, although it is not for this reason the most chosen among the wide academic panorama that is offered today. People who choose to study MBBS must take this career as a true vocation, since it is nothing like the others. Many students choose it due to family tradition or pressures from their environment and then regret it. “A doctor cannot know only what he sensed that they would take in the final exam, he must have knowledge about the entire human body, about each of the existing pathologies, their causes, symptoms and possible treatments, be constantly updated and forget about the traditional working hours. It is a vocation, not a profession”, indicates a professor of Microbiology and Parasitology. 

Do you want to be a doctor?

Medicine is one of the longest courses in both public and private universities, and those who enter it know that their lives will change completely. It is not a profession for everyone, it is essential to feel the need to help others on a daily basis, putting their rights above their own.

The Medicine career is much more demanding than the rest and requires a level of commitment from the students much higher than that expected from other professions. In Medicine, students should study because they are passionate about it, and not because they will be evaluated. Studying for the evaluations would show great irresponsibility, since when the student who acts in this way is received, he will have the lives of many people in his hands. The medical student must be a committed person who loves the career he chose; otherwise he is not in the right place.

Why study medicine?

  • Because you are passionate about the human body, everything it contains and each of the processes by which it works as it does.
  • Because you are passionate about investigating, asking questions and analyzing, since this is the task that you will perform daily when you receive yourself on the pathologies of your patients or you can dedicate yourself exclusively to it.
  • Because you have a vocation for service and you consider yourself more altruistic than selfish.
  • Because you feel the need to dedicate your life to others.
  • Because you believe that you can contain a person to deliver bad news and you are strong enough to see someone suffer.
  • Because there is a particular branch of medicine that you are passionate about and you will specialize in it (although this may vary throughout the course).
  • Because you think you are capable and you like to read a lot, since you will invest many years and a lot of time in your career.
  • Because it has an extremely broad field of work, which will allow you to choose between working attending patients or behind a desk completing data and signing forms.

How to Prepare For NEET Exam

In today’s world, everyone is hopeful for something big and many students want to a doctor and make their career in the field of Medicine. This field needs skilled and experienced professionals. There is an all-India entrance exam NEET that every student must clear who wants to make a career in the medical field. Nemours students apply for the NEET exam after passing their 12th board exam. Most of the students take stress about the exam results. There is also pressure from the family to clear the exam. The students always feel anxious and stressed. Passing a medical entrance exam is not an easy task. You should prepare in a different way to pass the NEET exam to get MBBS admission.

These are some tips to prepare for the NEET exam without any stress:

  • Know the syllabus

The first step you should follow is to know the syllabus in detail. This will help you to know the pattern of the NEET exam and you will be confident.

NEET exam includes the NCERT Course of class 11th and 12th. It is better to add NCERT in the preparation and other reference material.

  • Have a good time management

`You should make a study time table which helps you to keep stress free during the preparations. You are suggested to make a weekly study plan. This strategy will help you to achieve your goal. The time table always helps you to know what to do at what time. Good time management will help you to cover the entire syllabus and you have time to relax for a while and do the activities you like.

  • Get rid of distractions

Mobile phones are the biggest distraction in every student’s life. Mobile phones are a very important part of everyone’s life because they get all the important information on mobiles but apart from this, this may distract us from the main motive. WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook distract the mind of students.

So, during the preparation of the medical entrance exam if it is not easy to get rid of mobile phones then you should deactivate your all social media accounts to focus on your studies.

  • Solve previous year question papers

You should collect the previous question papers from four to five years and try to solve them after completing the syllabus. It is very helpful for your preparations and during your MBBS studies. Take a question paper and try to solve it in a given time. This will help you to prepare for the final day exam and you understand the tactic and pattern to attend the question paper.

  • Never be nervous

Every student worries about the exam and a day just before the exam is like a phobia. They fear the exam which adversely affects the exam. This will lose your confidence and do not give your 100% to the exam. You should be relaxed and trust your capabilities.

  • Take a perfect diet

Exam time is very stressful. So you should keep an eye on what you eat. Students intake tea and coffee during preparations but it is not a good drink. It is very important to eat a perfect and healthy diet like dry fruits, dark chocolates, and green salad and have juice. You may drink green tea to reduce stress. You must eat in control.

Options available in India to study MBBS

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi
  • Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune
  • Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), Delhi
  • Dr. D.Y Patil Medical College, Pune
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University (BVDU), Pune
  • JIPMER College, Pondicherry
  • Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC), Delhi
  • Grant Medical College, Mumbai
  • Madras Medical College, Chennai
  • Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore
  • Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical college (BJGMC), Pune
  • Lady Hardinge Medical college (LHMC), New Delhi
  • Osmania Medical College (OMC), Hyderabad

Study MBBS Abroad:

All the medical aspirants want to crack NEET and secure their seat in any good Indian Medical College. But though there are limited seats available in the government medical colleges, so it is not possible for everyone to get a medical seat in these institutes.

The second option to this is to study in some private university. But the major problem is their high fees and donation. It is really a great wall to let the medical aspirants come their dream of becoming a doctor true. But, do not be hopeless. There are limitless opportunities when you plan to study MBBS abroad. You will get lots of other benefits laid out below in addition to the low tuition fees as compares to the Indian Private Universities.

There is even better option if you fail securing a seat in Indian Medical Colleges. Most students gain better clinical knowledge by choosing Medical colleges in Philippines, China and Russia. Today most parents and students are aware about the option to study MBBS Abroad.

Career Opportunities are Wider When you study MBBS abroad:

  • Educational Quality

If you are one of those looking for something more than a degree, studying at a university abroad is the answer to all your demands. Training outside of your country gives you access to an education with a reputation for excellence.

  • You will get a job faster

Whether you return to your home country at the end of your studies or decide to stay abroad, it is clear that being an international student improves your chances of being chosen in any job.

  • An excellent Resume

Imagine how good it will look on your engineering CV that you did your postgraduate in Russia, Australia, Philippines, etc. You will have been trained in knowledge and will have the experience of working in intercultural groups. 

  • You will stand out in your work

One of the great advantages of studying abroad is that each year counts triple. People who have studied in another country,

  • They have a good international education.
  • They have faced significant challenges in a completely new context.
  • They have grown and matured faster thanks to international experiences.
  • There are many scholarships to study abroad

Are the costs of the studies unaffordable? You can choose to apply for a large number of scholarships to study your master’s, doctorate, or postdoc. Or even to carry out your personal research, or a short course in a specific topic if you want to study abroad and you think it is impossible because you do not have enough resources.

  • Goodbye to the routine

If it is true that ‘ New Year, new life ‘, and then think about the saying: new country, new people, and another culture! There is simply no more wonderful way to break the routine of your life and inject new perspectives into your future than to go study abroad.

  • It’s an Adventure

Breaking the routine you have in your life, meeting new people, different jobs, other universities, other countries, make studying abroad an adventure. Each day will be full of new things to discover and learn. Looking at a world that until the day before seemed to be part of your dreams, at first can be a mountain to overcome.

Personal growth = professional growth

You will grow personally and professionally while exploring other landscapes. Studying abroad will turn your training into something totally different: a nuanced experience. The adventure you will have will be unforgettable and surely one of the best in your life.

Develop your proactive, independent and mature personality

In addition, you will obtain greater independence. Studying abroad forces you to find your own accommodation, do your shopping. In short, make your own decisions. You will have to learn to manage yourself and now you will be your own boss.

This means that you will have to work to support yourself and cover all your expenses. The independence you always wanted will be obtained at the same time as you carry out your studies.

How is Davao Medical School Foundation best Philippines Medical College

DMSF – Most trusted Philippines Medical College

Davao Medical School Foundation is established in 1976 and become the first medical college in Mindanao. DMSF is situated on a 2.5-hectare area near the heart of Davao city. The climate of the city is a very good and multicultural environment. The Philippines Medical college is allied with top hospitals like Broken Shire Memorial Hospital, Davao Medical Center, San Pedro Hospital, and Davao Doctors Hospital. It provides good clinical rotation to the students of the 3rd and 4th year of the MBBS course.

Davao Medical School Foundation is more than forty years old medical college and recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). There is no need to pay any donation for admission to DMSF. It provides a globally recognized medical degree approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). DMSF is accredited with ECFMG, FAIMER, PAASCU.

Davao city has a peaceful geographical location with unique features and its multiethnic features have made Davao Medical School Foundation a first choice for the foreign students to study MBBS. This medical college offers courses at very reasonable and affordable costs and makes a way for its students to become a qualified doctor. DMSF is ranked 6th position in the top medical colleges in the Philippines. This is the most preferred medical college by the Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad.

Davao Medical College – Best Philippines Medical College

Davao Medical College Hostel

DMSF offers a homely environment for foreign students who came to study MBBS in the Philippines. The hostel provides fully furnished rooms and well ventilated and comfortable at a very affordable price and there is a facility of the recreational center for the students where they can relax and meet other students. The hostel has a fully centralized air system. The college provides all the essential elements such as telephone, Wi-Fi, and television. The kitchen and bathrooms are provided on a sharing basis.

DMSF takes special care of the students who came from other countries and provide food and accommodation to all foreign students. There is a good security system for the students.

Sports facilities at Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation has provided the best and quality education to the students but this not enough this college is best for sports and recreational activities. Sports activities help the students in the overall development and will maintain physical and mental health. Sports are equally important to studies for a student.

Ultra-modern Library facilities at Davao Medical School Foundation

The Philippines Medical college has two large libraries on the college campus to fulfill the requirements of the researchers and students. The libraries are operated with a standard Library Automation System for accessing and obtaining the data. The library has a collection of print and no-print media and various electronic references.

Modern classroom facilities at Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation has ultra-modern classrooms with all advanced teaching equipment. The classrooms are very modern and central air-conditioned. Students can get a great study environment for learning.

Advanced laboratories at Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical school being a top Philippines Medical college provides advanced laboratories to their students where they perform various investigations and practices of a medical study. The laboratories of this college are equipped with all essential instruments which help in the medical study.

Simulated Mannequin Stations

Davao Medical School Foundation becomes the first medical college in the Philippines to establish a simulated mannequin station for supporting the clinical rotation and training. These are used by the students to understand clinical practices before going for clinical rotations.

Advantages of Studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation

No donation fee for admission

The Philippines Medical College does not ask for any charge as a donation for taking admission to the college. Most of the medical colleges in India charged high donation for admission to MBBS College. This is the biggest reason that many Indian students want to study MBBS in the Philippines.

Affordable tuition fees

Davao medical college Philippines fees is very reasonable for International students looking for ranking medical college. The Indian students can pursue their MBBS course at a very affordable price at 3.5 lakhs per year from Davao Medical School Foundation. The cost of living is also very reasonable in the cities of the Philippines. This is the reason that Indian students can easily afford medical study in Philippines medical schools.

Top-Quality medical laboratories

The main focus is to teach the students through practice ways in Davao Medical School Foundation. Practical things are always better to understand things more clearly and easily. The students can understand the basics and learn deeply through practical. Practical teaching always helps the students to learn about the subjects easily. DMSF has made its place in top medical colleges.

Accredited Medical Degree

The Philippines Medical college has a large number of accreditation from various organizations for their exceptional work in medical education. World health organization (WHO), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and Medical Council of India (MCI) are the main organization to accredited DMSF. The Commission of Higher Education (CHED) is a popular government organization in the Philippines who accredits Davao Medical School Foundation among the best medical college in the Philippines. The Indian students who study their MBBS from DMSF are eligible for taking global medical exams such as FMGE in India and USMLE (America).

No communication barrier

If anyone wants to study in countries like Ukraine, Russia, or China, they must have to learn their native language first to apply for any medical degree. But there is no issue of language in Davao Medical School Foundation because the medium of instruction is English. The teachers taught their students in English. English is known as the authorized language of Philippine citizens.

World-class facilities

There are very few medical colleges on the list of having 3D simulation lab. Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the medical colleges with a 3D simulation lab. This Philippines Medical College has a modern library with a world-class facility where the students can get all print and non-print media. The college has an internet facility around the clock. The other world-class facility includes Anatomy Lab, team learning centers (TLC), computer labs, auditorium.

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